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Our Fee System

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Chiropractic Maintenance Care

This system was created and implemented for those people, like me, who believe that regular weekly CMC is essential to their lives and their family’s lives. Unless you really

understand and value the importance of regular CMC and are willing to apply it, this system is not for you.


There are several reasons why you and your family make the decision not to get your spines checked and adjusted on a weekly basis.


1. Because you do not understand the value it. That is why I put so much emphasis on education.


2. Time. It takes time. I understand this and I will accommodate you and your family as much as possible.


3. Affordability. This is an important consideration within my office.


For those individuals and families who decide that weekly CMC is important, I will allow them to set their own fee with a $25.00/visit minimum 16 years and older. Children under 16 are $20.00/visit. I offer this option to create an environment in order that you and your family have an office that’s dedicated to providing the care you need rather than what you may or may not be able to afford.


There are three conditions of CMC.


1. You and your family must get your spines checked on a weekly basis. It is impossible to go more than a few days and not be subluxated. Every day with subluxations is harming you and your family’s health and lives. I’m not asking you to do anything that my family and I don’t do as well. (This is within reason of course).


2. You pay per visit. Pay as much as you can afford.


3. You tell your family and friends about my office. They either don’t know about it or feel they can’t afford it. I have plenty of material to help educate them on the value and affordability of weekly CMC at Quentin Chiropractic.






If you decide to get your spine checked and adjusted less than weekly, then my fee at present is $35.00/visit 16 years old and older. $20.00/visit under 16 years old.

New patients are $35.00/visit


Chiropractic Without Compromise



Dr. Smith believes chiropractic is more than just a tool to heal your backache or headache. It has the ability to improve your overall health and sense of well-being. Call us for more information.
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